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About Us


There are many faces behind C.Lily Clothing. It would only be possible with each and every one of the beautiful individuals that contributed to this dream of mine.

This is us:


First + foremost I am Mama to Lily; the most sensitive, kind, thoughtful tiny human in the entire world. I definitely drink too much coffee and I never get enough sleep. Even though I would prefer to delegate, C.Lily has given me the opportunity to take on challenges I never thought I could. I am working daily on becoming the person I truly want to be. My goal is to inspire at least one person a day, even if it’s in the tiniest way. 
As co-owner + co-buyer, this babe is quite the partner! Helping Mom along the way, this dynamic and outgoing little girl is getting an early start in Business Management. Not to mention she is quite the fashionista! 

Loyal from the beginning, our graphic designer + former caffeine administrator is truly a jack of all trades.
Now working remotely from California, she helps with website maintenance + newsletters.
There is no one as unselfish as her, we should all be lucky enough to have a "Mariah" in our lives.

My Dream:
Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Fashion. Over the years my style has changed and evolved, yet it is still ingrained within me. Although my daughter and I have more of a free spirited eclectic look, I was raised with a very conservative, tailored style. My Mother, Diane, has not only a fashion & textiles degree, but also has a master skill at designing and creating clothing. So for years I have dreamt of being just a little bit like her, and owning a clothing company of my own. This dream, or vision you may call it, has somewhat haunted me for years. The idea of “jumping in” and “going for it” seemed impossible. Over the last year I have diligently worked at moving this dream into a reality. With this vision and the help of some incredibly beautiful, talented, and hard-working individuals, C.Lily Clothing was created.

Our Name:
The name C.Lily Clothing comes from the very special relationship my daughter and I have. In life through the most difficult times we find our purpose, our “WHY.” Lily is mine. It seemed only fitting that I create a company that showed our love for each other, and how quite often… we are one.
“At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again darling. Look again”
For Diane, JJ & Holly. Because you believed in us.